• Pastry with meat, green salad on the side
  • Grilled meat with cherry tomato, rice on the side
  • Bowl of soup with meat and vegetables
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About us

Le Mekong cuisine

Rooted in the traditions of Southern Vietnamese cuisine, Le Mekong cuisine offers a variety of authentic dishes ranging from a piping hot bowl of phở to crispy golden egg rolls to caramelized fish in a sizzling clay pot to mouth-watering sour seafood soup. Come and dine with us in an elegant, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere.

Ask Vietnamese Americans who grew up in Vietnam and migrated to the United States what they missed the most from their homeland and the answer would be Vietnamese cooking. Thảm Huỳnh and Khanh Nguyễn, founders of Le Mekong cuisine, are no exception. Born and raised by the delta river, they never let the taste of South Vietnam escaped them even though they both have been away from their homeland for almost three decades.

To conquer their nostalgia for Vietnamese food, they decided to bring Vietnam’s southern flavors to Johns Creek, Georgia, where they currently reside. With Huỳnh’s classic Vietnamese cooking techniques, and Nguyễn’s management skills, they built Le Mekong from the ground up to share their passion for Vietnamese food and fine-dining experience.

Whether it’s a hot bowl of phở, a gourmet Vietnamese crepe (bánh xèo), enticing cubes of filet mignon (bò lúc lắc), a delightful dish of grilled eggplant (cà tím nướng), or a family-style meal consists of Vietnamese sour soup with caramelized fish in clay pot (canh chua cá kho tộ), Le Mekong is a one-stop restaurant for fresh, healthy, and delicious Vietnamese culinary.